Trick To Browse Internet At A High Speed As 500 Mbps Speed With Your Existing Connection

Hi Friends, After Reading this Post title You might think I would be saying lie or this is just a fake topic. But when I tested this and it was working absolutely fine. Yeah, Now you are going to Browse Internet High speed as 500 Mbps Speed for free with your Existing Connection. This is really amazing trick. As we all know that there is a high increase of usage of internet. Peoples are using the internet in their day to day life. The Internet has become the necessity, without internet one can really not think about the life without internet. If the world has become so much advanced then this is just because of the internet. Peoples are really enjoying their self by using social networking sites, YouTube and much more.Browse Internet High Speed

By using this Trick you will get 500 Mbps Internet Speed and 2000 Mbps Upload Speed. You can also see youtube videos without any buffering. Check out simple procedure given below and see how to browse the internet with powerful 500 Mbps speed! Just follow simple steps and you can certainly experience high-speed internet! Take a look!

Browse Internet High Speed As 500 Mbps Speed With Your Existing Connection :

You can get 500 MBPS download speed on your internet with the help of the site called as When I checked this site you can really do a lot with it.Actually, when you will be using this site it is something a remote desktop from which you can enjoy the high-speed internet. Remote desktop is something from which you can see to it and manage the site. It will work in any of your default browsers but what you need is a simple internet connection of 1 MBPS.

If you are having a wired internet connection which gives you, a really slow speed of internet about 1 MBPS and you can even buffer youtube then you will definitely like this trick. You can also visit any site which is having some kind of restriction and view it such as torrent sites. But you cannot download anything from those sites.

Features of :

  • You can chat with your friends and do video chatting
  • View youtube at super fast speed
  • Absolutely free and you don’t need to pay anything
  • There is a small browser inside the rabbit which is doing everything
  • You can also do voice calls and do much more
  • The upload speed of internet goes to above 2000MBPS
  • The download speed of the is above 500 MBPS which you can enjoy a lot
  • You can change the quality of the view according to your choice
  • You can download any files of your choice but you cannot download in your Physical drive such as your computer orginal drive but you can simplyupload it to cloud such as google drive, dropbox and etc. After that you have to download with you internet connection.

Requirements :

  • You need a working internet connection of speed 1 MBPS.
  • You need a PC or Laptop and this trick wont work in mobile phone.
  • You need a stable 1 MBPS internet connection slow internet wont work.
  • Create a free account by following the below steps.

How to Browse Internet High Speed As 500 Mbps Speed With Your Existing Connection :

  1. First of all, you need to Register with from here.
  2. You can also use facebook to Signup.
  3. Now enter username, email id and password and click on finish.
  4. Now verify your email address.
  5. Now just click on My Room.
  6. Now Click on Messages Only.browse internet at high speed message
  7. You will then get another screen wherein you need to click on Decide what to watch.browse internet at high speed watch
  8. Upon clicking on that, a small pop-up will be displayed in which you need to select any of your favorite site listed there. Or else, you can merely type the URL of the website which you wish to browse.browse internet at high speed url
  9. This is how it looks like in the browser. If you don’t like the quality of the video, you can just turn it from LD to HD at the bottom of the page.browse internet at high speed test
  10. You can now treat it like an ordinary computer and handle it! It just works like Virtual Private Network or remote controlling a desktop. This virtual device has Linux operating system and you cannot do many tasks like in your normal PC.
  11. This is the best way to watch youtube videos at HD quality even on a slow connection, without interruptions.
  12. You can download any files and upload them to cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox within a less span of time.
  13. Enjoy Fast Browsing.

Limitations :

  • You cannot download anything in your Hard disk. If you really want to do then you can upload it to your cloud and then download the files. Drive and dropbox is supported for now.
  • You may not get extremely high-quality content or videos although there’s an option of HD quality.

Apart from the limitations it saves lot of data, and you can browse with a rocket speed. you can also check other features like video chatting and conference. it will easy to use.

Thanks for reading this post. Please share this post with your friends. Stay tuned for more tricks and tips like this.

Browse Internet High Speed As 500 Mbps Speed

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